General Medical Council [GMC]
The GMC registers doctors to practice medicine in the UK with an objective to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine. The law gives GMC four main functions under the Medical Act
  • Keeping up-to-date registers of qualified doctors
  • Fostering good medical practice
  • Promoting high standards of medical education and training
  • Dealing firmly and fairly with doctors whose fitness to practice is in doubt.

Intensive Care Society of the UK Since its inception in 2003, the activities of the Intensive Care Foundation have increased in an exponential manner. Briefly the main achievements; under the headings of science the Foundation has been involved with people. Bi annually, the members of the society, active in research meet to decide upon the research priorities for the ICS Foundation with the Directors of Research. The first study to come out of this exercise was the TracMan trial. In 2011 the Society will once again undertake a Research Prioritisation Excersice.

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine is an international non profit-making association of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other allied healthcare professionals. The number of members is now above 5000. The Society is devoted to the promotion of intensive care medicine, education, research, and professional development.

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council PM&DC is a statutory regulatory authority established under Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Ordinance 1962 as a body corporate. It is known and respected worldwide and is part of international community of medical regulatory authorities (IAMRA). Pakistani doctors are considered one of the best and are doing meritorious service in all parts of the world and that is a testimony to the effective regulation of medical education being done by the PM&DC. No Pakistani Doctor can practice in Pakistan or abroad without being registered with PM&DC or without being in goodstanding with it.

Association of Anesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland The Association represents the medical and political aspirations of over 10,000 anaesthetists in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and, through its overseas membership, has close contact with many other countries. The association servers the primary objectives to advance and improve patient care and safety in the field of anaesthesia and disciplines allied to anaesthesia, to promote and support education and research in anaesthesia, medical specialties allied to anaesthesia and science relevant to anaesthesia, to represent, protect, support and advance the interests of its members, and to encourage and support worldwide co-operation between anaesthetists.

Medical Defence Union, UK. MDUSL was established specifically to arrange and administer the insurance policy which is issued by and underwritten by SCOR UK Company Limited and by International Insurance Company of Hannover Limited. Most individual medical members of the MDU have a professional indemnity policy as an integral and important part of their membership.




Founder President, Pakistan Society of Intensive Care, from 1990-1993

President, Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists, from 1991-94


Dr. Mehdi Hasan Mumtaz is proud of being, Intensivist, Anaesthetist, Teacher, Nishtarian and above all the Pakistani.

Out of his trainers, 148 doctors became specialist in the subject of anaesthesiology. Four of them are working as professors in the big institutions of Pakistan.

As he says "I enjoyed every moment of my life working as a teacher in Pakistan, especially at the Nishter Medical College/Hospital Multan".
















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