Born on 3rd of March 1946 and graduated from the Nishter Medical College Multan in 1968. He had special interest in the subjects of Physiology & Pharmacology so joined the department of Anaesthesia at the Nishter Hospital Multan as a medical registrar in 1969. Later joined the Anaesthesia department of King Edward Medical College, Lahore as a DA student but preferred to leave for UK in 1971 where he worked in different capacities within the field of Anaesthesia, mainly at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

In the 70’s, he had an opportunity to work with Prof. A. R. Hunter, Prof. Robinson, Dr. Selwyn Crawford and Prof. Dr. M.D. Vickers and in year 1978 he passed his examination of Fellow Faculty of Anaesthesia Royal College of Surgeons. He also got an opportunity to work in other European countries like Sweden, Holland, Germany and Belgium. On return from Europe, he re-joined the Nishter Medical College Multan as assistant professor where he opened the doors of teaching in Anaesthesiology and devoted himself in teaching.

He was the first to build intensive care unit in Pakistan at the Nishter Hospital in 1980. In addition to teaching, he participated in numerous national and international conferences. He is the originator of the regional anaesthesia technique, combined spinal epidural anaesthesia through single space which he designed in 1982 and is being practiced widely in orthopaedic surgery and as a walking epidural in obstetrics. He retired as a professor in 2006 but still working as consultant anaesthetist in the UK.


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